How I work?

My continuous commitment is to work with professionalism and transparency, transmitting security to the customer, so as to create a right synergy with him. As a UX/UI designer with a solid understanding of branding, my process involves a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality and is allows the development and monitoring of large projects from the preliminary analysis phase to its completion.

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Get a clear understanding of the client's requirements and goals.

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Conduct thorough research on the target audience and the client's brand to understand users' needs and the brand's values, voice, and visual identity.

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Design strategy

Develop a design strategy that aligns with the client's goals and objectives, while creating a visually appealing design that is consistent with the client's brand. This includes choosing colors, typography, and imagery that reflect the brand's values and tone.

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Create wireframes to plan the layout and functionality of the design.

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Create mockups of the user interface and interactive prototypes to test the usability of the design, including user testing and gathering feedback to make necessary revisions.

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Work with the development team to ensure that the design is implemented correctly, including providing detailed specifications and guidelines for the developers to follow.